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  • Engineering Manager, Tecton

    Salary: $200,000 – $270,000 USD/year Benefits: Insurance, Retirement Region: US Reviews: ★★★★★ on Glassdoor

  • Senior Python Engineer, Fanatics

    Senior Python Engineer Platform, Fanatics (Remote) $160,000 – $200,000/USD annual salary Equity stake, Insurance, Retirement

  • Enterprise Account Executive, Enable

    $200,000 – $260,000 salary/OTE Insurance Child care credit Wellness stipend Region: US

  • Product Manager, PingCAP

    Principal Product Manager, PingCAP (Remote)$200,000 – $270,000 USD/YearEquity | Bonus | Insurance Join us as we scale our business in NA/EMEA by building on our tremendous success around the world. The massive database market is going to double over the next few years (the IDC estimates it to be $119B+ by 2025) and PingCAP is…

  • Design Engineer, Retool

    $159,000 – $205,000 USD | Equity stake | 401(k) | Insurance | Region: US