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About $200kjobs.com


I started 200kjobs.com because I know firsthand how tough it is to find remote jobs that aren’t just about working from home, but also about being properly rewarded for your skills.

The Story Behind 200kjobs.com

I was right where you might be now – scrolling through job listings, feeling underwhelmed and frustrated by the number of low-quality employers I had to wade through just to find the few jobs worth applying for. I wanted more than just the flexibility of remote work; I wanted a role that was fulfilling and paid well. That’s why I created 200kjobs.com: to bridge the gap between talented professionals and top-paying remote roles.

My goal is simple: connecting skilled professionals with remote jobs that offer the pay and benefits they deserve. Choosing to work remotely shouldn’t mean compromising on your salary, and at 200kjobs.com, it doesn’t.

What Makes $200kJobs.com Different

It’s simple: you’re selective about the jobs you’re interested in and I’m picky about the jobs I list. Every job on the platform offers a salary range that includes or exceeds $200,000 per year. These companies value your expertise and work hard to value and match your worth.

The Roles You’ll Find Here

At $200k+ Jobs you’ll find well-compensated remote software, data, AI and engineering roles. You’ll also discover remote roles in marketing, HR, sales, and more – all paying over $200,000 annually. Whenever possible I try to include additional benefits like equity and retirement matching.

Know Your Worth

At 200kjobs.com, we’re more than just a job site; we’re a community where your career goals are in sync with your lifestyle and salary expectations. Look around, I think you may be surprised how much your experience is worth.