ML Engineer, Spline

ML Engineer, Spline (Remote)
$150,000 - $275,000 salary
Equity stake
Region: US
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About the role

Hello there! At Spline (, we are building a platform for web-based, real-time, and multi-user 3d design.

We are looking for someone to join our Machine Learning team and work on the next generation of 3d design tools.

🌈 We are passionate about building tools that make 3d accessible for everyone.

What you will do

  • You will lead execution and research efforts to train and implement generative models.
  • Work alongside other teams to integrate models in our 3d editor.
  • Research, train, and implement models for different types of visual/media outcomes.


  • Strong experience working with generative models (Diffusion/GANs/LLMs).
  • Experience (2+ years) coding with Python, JS, or R.
  • Understanding of 3D Computer Graphics (Shaders/GLSL, Raytracing, etc.)
  • Experience with large datasets
  • Please share links to work you have done.

Why work with us? We are redefining the design process: 3d first, real-time, and interactive. There is so much tech progress happening, but the creative tools available are still the same: hard to use, technical, not web-based, and costly.

  • We work fast and value clear communication.
  • We have a strong community of creators.
  • We ship consistently.
  • We care about innovating.
  • Our team is diverse and with a strong comprehension of their fields.

If you are interested in the creative world and love working on ML challenges, you will get fun!

About Spline

At Spline we are building a 3d design tool for the web. We believe the future of design is in 3d, and we want to enable more people to create in the third dimension.

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